2016-17 Projects

EDGE 2016-17  Projects

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HFA virtual tours in two different Virtual Reality (VR) platforms

Over the 2016-17 school year, all the members of EDGE have been increasing their skills with working in VR. One of our main goals for the school year was to create a virtual tour of HFA that we could post on the website. With hard work and dedication, our team has been able to put out four different tours, two on YouVisit and two on Social VR.

Two of the tours (one on each platform) are tour following a day in the life at HFA. The other two tours (one on each platform) are a tour of the school’s campus.


~In the YouVisit day in the life tour, the user can go through different classes, such as Math, Gym, or Cultural Literacy. This allows the user to explore the different classes HFA has to offer, which can assist in making the decision of choosing high schools. You can view the YouVisit day in the life tour here.

~The YouVisit tour of HFA opens up all the rooms to the user, starting at the location where students are picked up and dropped off. You can then access the room where EDGE is held, the school building, and plenty of other spaces. You can view the YouVisit tour of HFA here.

Social VR:

~The Social VR day in the life tour follows a student – Mah’Kya – in a day in her life at HFA. The tour follows her through her own classes that she has throughout the day, such as Digital Media and Gym. The tour is formatted in a way where you can visit any part of her day in no specific order.

~The Social VR tour of HFA is similar to the YouVisit tour, except you can put the tour inside of VR goggles to look around instead. This kind of VR is what creates the immersive experience for the user.

HFA App-a-thon for Computer Science Education week, powered by EDGE 

  • In order to help all HFA students learn about the importance of coding and app development, we designed an app remix activity (“Choose Your Own Adventure” using Code.org’s AppLab). We reviewed our activity with Ms. Chabala, HFA’s Intro to Computer Science teacher, and our three match teachers. Their feedback was very important, since it is easy to skip steps when you already know something.
  • It was very rewarding to give all 125 HFA students (9th, 10th, and 11th graders) the opportunity to learn about JavaScript coding and app development like we did at EDGE. We kicked off the HFA App-a-thon during the Hour of Code (on Monday, December 5th, 2016) in the Math room. Next, all HFA students continued to work on their AppLab apps during Learning Hub (our advisory program that happens at the end of the day).
  • Next, the EDGE crew selected the top three apps per grade, and sent them to a computer scientist at HP who will select one winner per grade.

EDGE TRETC Student Showcase

EDGE Nerf Gun Battle in VR

  • One of the first things our new EDGE group worked on was team building. In order to strengthen our bond and establish the kind of work environment we need to succeed, we decided to have a Nerf battle!
  • Everyone brought in their own Nerf guns, and we designed a battlefield in the gym. It was a blast! What we learned from this was that effective teamwork can make work seem like play. :-D.