HFA App-a-thon

During December, EDGE helped to lead the HFA Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code initiative was launched to help students learn coding, as it is still considered the most important job skill to have in the future. Approximately 165,171 Hour of Code events were enacted globally.  For more information, click this link: HFA App-a-thon.

The Hour of Code event was the start of the HFA App-a-thon. Each student was asked to remix a “Choose Your Own Adventure” app, using Code.org’s AppLab. In order to remix the app, students learned about the basic features of AppLab as well as the design and code elements of the app. Next, students changed various elements, such as images, text, the story, and the code in order to personalize their app. The app remix work happened during our Learning Hub advisory program, so everyone had time to polish and complete their app.

All completed HFA App-a-thon were reviewed by EDGE designers (four 9th graders and four 10th graders). After the initial review, EDGE designers selected the top three apps per grade and sent their selections to be reviewed by a computer scientist at HP. During the March 16th assembly, HFA App-a-thon winners were announced. Each winner received a $50 Target gift card.

 Congratulations to:

You can click on the links above to view and install their apps on any device (mobile phones, tablets, and PCs of any kind).

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