EDGE for Girls Day 27

Today,  we got dressed early and I began to work on the Breakout EDU Game MOD while Emilie worked on photoshop to make new button for one of the screens for the app. I finally finished the Breakout EDU Game MOD and now I’m working on making the actually game for the festival while Emilie is eating oatmeal. Im eating chips! Then we went to the library during lunch because the food was nasty. Then we convinced Dr.B to have a hour long lunch instead of 45 minutes. So then after that Emilie and I worked on printing out the riddles and we disgusted how it needs to be shorter so the games can go fast. So we picked the certain locks we are going  to use. After that we came to the library with everyone in EDGE and worked on a new style of improv that I like to call Story… When you say one word to add on to the story and it rotates into a circle. After that greg came in and later on Mrs. Sally Sheriff came and she was going to work on the concession stand and greg helped Kaylee and Mah’kya  with the concept posters we started after we were done and once we were done we chose the name VGHS named after my favorite youtube series. We added by edge because it isn’t by our name.

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