EDGE: Remake Learning Day




EDGE is very excited about their NYGMA Escape Room challenge that will be part of the Remake Learning Day on May 24th,2017. This activity is designed by teens for teens.  Remake Learning day is the “largest open house of hands-on learning”.  Events take place throughout West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania.  Several events are happening at Holy Family Academy.


Participants of the EDGE Escape Room will have 20 minutes to “escape” from the room.  Participants will learn about the four (4) HFA Mindsets by playing EDGE’s Escape Room. They will explore solving puzzles and finding clues to escape the room (problem solver).  They will grow as a team, collaborating and communicating to creatively problem solve without giving up (resilient learner).  They will learn how they can design a fun activity/event that can help their community (servant leader).  They will learn how they can empower themselves and others to design and market a game product (entrepreneurship).


Join us for the Holy Family Academy Challenge on May 24th, 2017 from 9-11:30 am.

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