EDGE designers were invited to have their own booth at TRETC (Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference). There, we showcased projects such as 360 videos (captured with the THETA SC camera) posted on YouTube and viewable using VR goggles, a hologram viewer, and platform games for the iPad. It was fun sharing our experience with visitors that arrived at our booth. People seemed to enjoy our projects, and while some had heard about them, others did not. It was an empowering experience.

This is the piece we wrote for the HFA December Newsletter about the EDGE TRETC booth:

EDGE (HFA’s innovative tech entrepreneurship program) students showcased their current projects in virtual and augmented reality at the 2016 Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC) – an event sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. During the Student Showcase, EDGE designers explained how they built a hologram viewer and demonstrated in realtime how create virtual reality (VR) experiences using a 360 degree camera and VR goggles. You can view our VR videos on the HFAEDGE YouTube channel.

EDGE designers also shared experiences with students from other schools. We particularly enjoyed the Rube Goldberg machine built by students at Cornell School District – one of the winners at the Carnegie Science Center competition. Congratulations to all the student designers in our region!


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