Saturday Light Brigade Audio Workshop

EDGE Designers learned about how to record and manipulate audio for their Virtual Reality tour.  Ms. Sarah from the Saturday Night Light Brigade came in to teach us about how to properly record sound using a Zoom H4n recorder and Adobe Editor.  In addition, Ms. Siplak taught us skills such as: How to mute background audio; how to delete and upload sound files onto a computer; proper ways to speak into a mic; how to make people’s voices sound louder and softer through the recorder, and much, much more!


This lesson in audio puts us closer to our goal, which is creating a virtual tour app for our school, Holy Family Academy (HFA). We’ve already recorded some voice lines and sounds that will be included in the tour!


Sincere thanks to Sarah for giving us the audio lesson.  Check out the Saturday Light Brigade (SLB) and stay tone to view our Virtual Reality tour of HFA.

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