Upcoming Virtual Reality Tour of HFA

At EDGE, we have been creating our very own Virtual Reality (VR) Tour of our school, Holy Family Academy. So far, we have been very successful in completing tasks, taking pictures on the 360-degree camera (Theta S), and using Luma methods to design our Tour (see image below). We have been partnering with a start-up company called Social VR, and we are using Youvisit’s platform so that our users don’t need VR Goggles (We understand not everyone has one available yet, but it is the future.) Feel free to stop by at EDGE and try it out or ask for a preview! We have also hired  Saturday Light Brigade to teach us on how to produce quality audio for our Virtual Tour experience. This project has increased our knowledge about the technology we use daily and introduced us to new technologies that we will need in the future.

Come visit us sometime!-Lamont (EDGE Designer)

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