VR Tour Audio


According to Steven Spielberg,“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it. ” EDGE Designers are not just dreaming, they are actually making a virtual reality tour of their school, Holy Family Academy.  Audio (sound) is the critical part of telling this story.  We have been busy learning how to perfect our audio skills in creating the VR Tour.

From Saturday Light Brigade Sarah Siplak, Director of Programs, has been teaching us more about the technology used to record audio. Using Audacity, we learned how to use multiple tracks and manipulate them to produce the best quality sound possible for our VR Tour. The soundtrack must complement the VR experience.  Producing the correct audio and imputing it at the correct spot in the VR Tour is critical to success.

We have learned how to store audio files into organized categories, the different types of file systems (raw folder, edits folder, and final folder), a few keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Z=Undo, Ctrl+C=Copy, and more), adjusting the sound to the perfect volume needed, importing/exporting audio files to critique, and fading in/out certain tracks which helps us with transitions in our VR Tour.

Thanks to Sarah, we now have more knowledge on what we need to do with audio files/tracks. We are able to complete the sound portion of our VR Tour on our own. We look forward to what she is going to teach us when she comes back to visit us again.

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