When and when not to use cell phones

Here at EDGE, we use a lot of technologies. However, the most distracting devices for EVERYONE are our cell phones.
We work constantly at EDGE, so we have ‘’ Plugged ‘’ and ‘’ Unplugged ‘’ times.

During unplugged work time,  no cell phones are permitted – under no circumstances!

This cute little guy (Lamont’s idea) let us know if cell phones are allowed. If he is wearing earbuds, we can listen to music on our laptops. When he is not wearing earbuds or holding a cell phone, we stay in full unplugged mode. 

Proper cell phone etiquette is important so we can focus and get work done, and EDGE designers follow it strictly.
You may enjoy reading this article with research on how “Mobile Phones in Class Can Help and Hurt Student Learning” . We all reviewed it during our performance reviews before deciding how and when to use them at EDGE.

Remember,  it is important to know when and when not to use your phone!

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