YouVisit VR


If you’ve read our recent post on Social VR, you should know we have been trying to make a virtual tour of HFA using online platforms. One of our platforms is from the company YouVisit.

YouVisit Experience Builder

Using the YouVisit Platform is a very good step to create a computer-based 360º tour of any place. This platform is designed to be embedded on a computer and not on a mobile device.  You could either use the “Experience Builder”  platform for free, or you could hire YouVisit to do it for a rather large fee.   Thankfully, since not everybody has thousands of dollars, EDGE Designers are learning to use the “Experience Builder”.  We are constructing the tour using our  360º photography skills, our understanding of audio equipment, and our creative storyboarding strengths.  This transferable knowledge can used to create tours for other schools, businesses, and much more.

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